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Black Widow Scrape Rope

Black Widow Scrape Rope

SKU: 899508000854

Whitetail deer create scrapes and licking branches to communicate with one another. Deer will use scrapes to let other deer know they are in the neighborhood, what there breeding status is, and possibly their social status.  Deer will disperse their pre-orbital scent on a licking branch to mark their territory.


Use the Scrape Rope to make your own licking branches.  Place the Scrape Rope 3 to 4 feet off the ground above a scrape in multiple locations to keep deer actively checking to see what other deer are in the area.  Make your own mock scrapes, or look for a natural scrape line.  Place the Scrape Rope on field edges, or any natural travel path for deer.  To really spark buck activity use the Scrape Rope in combination with Black Widow Deer Lures "Branch Butter" ( a pre-orbital and forehead gland secretion gel).

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