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GHG ProGrade XD Mallard Harvester 12pk

GHG ProGrade XD Mallard Harvester 12pk

SKU: 700905761173
$199.99 Regular Price
$179.99Sale Price
  • Extraordinary carving detail with perfect posture and aggressive attitude
  • Custom detail & performance built for the masses
  • DuraFeather™ supple body cuts glare and gives a feathery-soft look while withstanding even the toughest use
  • IllusoryMotion™ - interacting color contrasts and shape positions display the ultimate illusion of movement
  • Vibrant paint coupled with unmatched durability
  • 60/40 DuraKeel™ for the perfect ride in any chop

XD Series Mallards-Harvester (12-pack) Includes

  • ActiveDrake(2)
  • ResterDrake(2)
  • SwimmerDrake(2)
  • SurfaceFeederDrake(2)
  • SurfaceFeederHen(1)
  • ActiveHen(2)
  • ResterHen(1)
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