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Painted Arrow Mag-Pro Plus

Painted Arrow Mag-Pro Plus

SKU: 196852439119

The Painted Arrow™ MAG-PRO PLUS is the ultimate POV camera solution for archery hunters who need a little extra hold power. This is the big brother of the standard MAG-PRO; containing twice as many magnets inside the housing to ensure your phone stays put.. no matter what! This product was specifically designed for archers who have higher draw weights (65 lbs +) and just experience slightly more vibration in their grip once an arrow is released. This is also a great option for hunters who own a larger cellular phone to ensure video quality is as high as possible.

Now offered in the 8° drop variant! Hunters who use quick disconnects 8° or 10° drops, we now have a mount specifically for you! 

Now offered in a Stubby variant. This version was designed for the smaller stabilizers that are often used lower on the risers of Hoyt model bows.

We are very proud to say this product is MADE IN THE USA!

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