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As avid fisherman, we understand your need for quality equipment and desire for a wide selection of products. This is why we are stocked with a large variety of rods and reels, live bait, lures, line and much more. Stop in and let us help you make your next trip on the water a successful one!

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Featured Products

minnows live bait

Live Bait

We prioritize maintaining a constant stock of live bait. Our water tanks are regularly filled with small and large minnows and our fridge is stocked with a variety of worms and more. 

Frequently stocked bait includes:

- Crappie Minnows

- Large Minnows

- Wax Worms

- Night Crawlers 

- Red Worms

- Leeches

fishing rods

Rods & Reels

We carry an extensive lineup of rods and reels from all of your favorite brands! 

Our commonly stocked rod brands include (but are not limited to):

- St. Croix

- Shimano

- Rely

- Berkley

Our commonly stocked reels include (but are not limited to):

- Shimano

- Daiwa

- Lew's

- Abu Garcia

- Flueger

minn kota trolling motor

Minn Kota Parts

Things happen, things break, we get it! That's why we carry a large in house selection of common Minn Kota parts including propellers, cables, motor plugs and more. We dont have what you're looking for in store? No problem! As a Minn Kota dealer we can order in whatever you need to get your equipment working right as soon as possible. 

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lures and bait

Lures & Bait

We carry a large selection of lures, bait, hooks, sinkers, line, and more! Stop in to shop our full selection. Can't find what you need? Dont worry, we are happy to get it for you!

Our Services

Not only do we provide you with a large selection of lures, bait and equipment but we also offer a wide array of services to keep your gear working properly.


Custom Rod Repair

Oh no, your rod broke! Dont panic just yet, we just might be able to save you from having to replace your favorite rod. We offer custom rod repair as a 3rd party service. Simply drop your rod off with us and let us take care of the rest!

reel spooling

Bulk Line Winding

You were about to hit the water when the unimaginable happened... you're out of line! A quick stop at R&R will have your reel re-spooled and ready to go! We offer a wide selection of mono and braid bulk fishing line in a large range of tests.

minnkota logo

Minn Kota Service Center

Your fun day on the water took a turn when you realized your trolling motor wasn't functioning as usual. Instead of spending your day pulling it apart, bring it down to R&R and let our certified technician handle it. Due to the high demand for our services appointments are required. Lead times vary.

 Common Fish - Iowa / Illinois

Fishing for any of the following? We have you covered. From blood catfish bait and live crappie minnows to a wide selection of walleye bait and lures we have what you need to have a successful day no matter what you're after. 

Click "read more" to learn more about Iowa state laws regarding these species.



Walleyes start to move to their spawning spots as spring begins and water temperatures rise. Dams are good places to catch walleyes, but don’t avoid the river section further downstream that often provides deeper resting pools for migrating walleyes. Use a jig and twister combination or baitfish imitation crankbait as water temperatures rise and walleyes become more aggressive. A slip bobber rig tipped with a minnow or leach fished close to known spawning areas is a great choice in lakes and reservoirs. A 1/8 ounce jig tipped with a minnow or leach can also work well. Try fishing these areas at night when walleyes are more active.

catfish jumping out of water


Catfish eat a variety of food items and are attracted to "smelly" morsels. Fish upstream of river snags and log jams and cast the bait back towards it so the scent of the bait is carried downstream into the structure by the current drawing the catfish out. Studies show that populations of 500 to over 5,000 pounds of catfish per mile in Iowa streams are common. Look for catfish in riffle areas just above pools, cut-banks, snags, rocks and other submerged structures in the stream. The outside edge of river bends usually has a cut-bank and deep water which hold large catfish populations. These outside bends usually have snags or log jams that provide good cover for catfish.



Crappies often use the shade offered by docks or other floating structures in the summer. These areas have plenty of food and the water temperature is cooler. Try still-fishing under or around docks. Many northern Iowa natural lakes have large crappie populations. Although not as big of populations in southern Iowa waters, the fish are usually larger. Crappies in natural and man-made lakes are most vulnerable during spring spawning and autumn. Consistent catches during the rest of the year are more difficult. Man-made lake crappies are abundant and more vulnerable throughout the year.

Image by Jeff Vanderspank

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass like standing or impounded waters and avoid strong water currents. Many Iowa waters support largemouth bass, including man-made lakes, rivers, federal reservoirs and natural lakes. Summer is the most difficult and challenging time to fish for largemouth bass. Starting in late June through late August or early September, the water temperature tops 75 degrees. Largemouth bass feed more actively in the early morning and late evening. Try around structure or nears breaks in weed lines.

Image by Jess Aston

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