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Archery Pro Shop

From full service tune-ups to troubleshooting and repair, our expert technicians are ready to help you get the most out of your equipment. We provide services on all compounds, recurves and crossbows, making us your one-stop shop for all things archery!  

Hoyt Stock Bows


bow technician

Tuning and Setup

Whether you bring in your own equipment or purchase from us, we are happy to provide you with full setup and tuning services. We ensure your equipment is properly fitted and thoroughly tuned for maximum performance. We take the guesswork out so you can focus on whats most important, making excellent shots!

arrow building

Custom Arrows

Arrows play an essential role in your setup, which is why we stock a large variety of options and offer customization for any arrow you choose. Whether you're gearing up for hunting season or training for your next tournament, we can help put together the best arrows for you. From insert to vane we take care to ensure quality and consistency in every batch.

threadz custom bowstrings


The more you shoot your bow the more wear and tear your strings will endure. We are happy to outfit your bow with new strings and cables, available in a large selection of custom colors. We also know new strings stretch, thats why your new set will also come with a free 200 shot tune up, on us! 

Click the link below to use Threadz custom string builder.

bow technician


Equipment issues happen. Whether you got your bow stuck in some brush on your last hunt, or you let your buddy shoot it and had a little mishap (we've all been there), we are ready to restore your bow back to its former glory. From replacing cams to extracting that rusty screw that snapped off in your riser, we're ready to help in any situation.

R&R Sports Indoor Range
R&R Sports Indoor Range Shooting

Indoor Range

Our facility is equipped with a 20yd two story indoor range open to everyone! We provide paper and 3D targets as well as a tree stand setup on the second floor for the ultimate hunting practice. Don't have a bow of your own yet but want to give the sport a try? No problem! We offer bow rentals of recurve and genesis bows.  

Archery Lessons

No matter what your experience level, we understand the positive effects of proper training. Whether you have never shot a bow before, or are simply looking for someone to help you perfect your craft we have you covered. We offer lessons for all ages and abilities regardless of what style bow you shoot.

Alexander R.

"Love this place! The guy that helped me out was very knowledgeable and knew what he was talking about. He helped me drop down my draw weight and helped me find draw length. He made sure I was comfortable with my bow before I walked out the door. I highly recommend these guys!"


3250 Fields Dr, Bettendorf IA





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